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COVID-19 Isolation Ward in Bhaktapur, Nepal


COVID-19 Isolation Ward in Bhaktapur, Nepal

In order to keep the hospital safe, an isolation ward needed with the knowledge it could be repurposed after COVID-19 to the benefit of the general population of the hospital 
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Restoring Learning Technologies in Dominica 2021-03-27 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Positive Peace Activator Program

In order to help make Positive Peace more tangible for Rotaractors and Rotarians, Rotary created the Positive Peace Activator Program. Between 2020 and 2024, 180 new Positive Peace Activators will be trained in six regions around the world. There are four Rotary Positive Peace Activators in Canada who have completed the 20 hour training program and are available to work with clubs and districts.
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Changing Lives in Colombia


Changing Lives In Colombia

We head to Ibagué, Colombia to see the impact of a Global Affairs Canada and The Rotary Foundation project for approximately 1,200 biosand water filters. 
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Vocational Training Team - Canada to Kenya in 2019 Chris Offer 2021-02-15 05:00:00Z 0

Government of Canada Update

Posted by Susan Hicks on Jul 28, 2018
It is now the fourth year of the five-year partnership between Global Affairs Canada and the Rotary Foundation (Canada). The Government of Canada is providing Canadian Rotary Clubs and Districts with $1.2 million dollars per year to be added to the Global Grants program of the Rotary Foundation.
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Canada pledges $100 million CAD to help eradicate POLIO

Posted by Susan Hicks on Jul 13, 2018
"Last month, Canada signed a generous pledge of $100 Million CAD to help eradicate polio in Afghanistan as well as in the two other endemic countries, Nigeria and Pakistan, and to continue to protect many polio-free countries. The pledge was announced by the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, at the 2017 Rotary International Convention in Atlanta.
Canada pledges $100 million CAD to help eradicate POLIO Susan Hicks 2018-07-13 04:00:00Z 0
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Government of Canada Polio Announcement

Posted by Reid Asselstine on May 18, 2016

May 16, 2016 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Global Affairs Canada

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, today announced a contribution of $19.9 million toward the eradication of polio in Nigeria.

Implemented by the World Health Organization, the Sustaining Polio Eradication Through Strengthened Routine Immunization project will help immunize approximately 6.6 million girls and 6.9 million boys against polio in 11 high-risk Nigerian states. It will also train approximately 154,000 vaccinators and help protect up to 250,000 children from vaccine-preventable diseases.

In September 2015 the World Health Organization made the historic announcement that polio is no longer endemic in Nigeria and that there have been no cases reported since July 2014. Immunization activities are essential to ensure against the re-emergence of the virus.

Minister Bibeau made the announcement on the margins of the Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference presents a unique opportunity to discuss and engage in dialogue on matters related to women and girls, with a specific focus on health.

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Government of Canada Grant Update

Posted by Reid Asselstine on May 04, 2016
Government of Canada Grant update
It now has been almost one year since the Rotary Foundation (Canada) has entered into an agreement with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trades and Development of the Canadian Government. Since that agreement was signed, the Department has changed its name to Global Affairs Canada.
It is now time to invite you to apply for these funds as we start our second year of the partnership with the Canadian Government.
Click here for a copy of the letter, both in English and French, that was send out to all Canadian club presidents and District Governors with Canadian clubs.
If you require further information regarding the GOC matching Grants, please send inquiries to grantstrfc@gmail.com or your Canadian Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinators, Duncan Conrad (East) duncanconrad@eastlink.ca or Betty Screpnek (west) bettyscrepnek@gmail.com
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Workplace Giving Programs in Canada

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Oct 22, 2015
Over 15,000 companies having matching gift programs to encourage your support of the Rotary Foundation (Canada).
For more information check the following FAQ sheets:
For English, please click here
For French, please click here
Workplace Giving Programs in Canada Reid Asselstine 2015-10-23 00:00:00Z 0

New TRFC - Government of Canada Program Launched

Posted on Sep 29, 2015
Reid Asselstine, President of the Rotary Foundation (Canada) is pleased to announce that the new international development assistance program, entitled “Partnership for Community Development” funded with support from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development will begin accepting applications from Canadian Rotary clubs commencing October 1, 2015.
The new program has as much as possible been integrated into the Rotary Foundation’s Global Grant program and will support many but not all Global Grant projects going forward over the next five years. To ensure that the project proposals meet program requirements, a pre-qualification process has been established.
For detailed information about the program please click on the GOC button at top of the Rotary Foundation Canada’s home page. There you will find the information, guidance and forms necessary to complete and submit the pre-qualification submission to TRFC.
In making the announcement, President Reid said, “This program is a wonderful opportunity for Canadian Rotarians to enhance international service projects, magnify their impact, advance peace in the world and truly make a difference! For our part, TRFC is very pleased to strengthen our working relationship with the Government of Canada on the one hand and Canadian Rotary Clubs on the other. We are confident that this new program will truly improve in a sustainable way the lives of so many of our fellow global citizens.”
The Partnership for Community Development will be administered by TRFC’s Program Committee in a virtual way. Questions and queries about the program may be directed to the Program committee via a dedicated email address -   grantstrfc@gmail.com
New TRFC - Government of Canada Program Launched Richard Clarke 2015-09-30 00:00:00Z 0

Partenariat Information

Posted on Sep 22, 2015
Partenariat entre le Gouvernement du Canada et la Fondation Rotary Canada
*Des informations détaillées sont disponibles dans le document Partenariat pour le développement communautaire
1.    Le gouvernement du Canada allouera annuellement 1,2 millions de dollars canadiens pendant 5 ans pour financer conjointement des actions pour lesquelles les clubs et districts canadiens font une demande de subvention mondiale de la Fondation Rotary.
2.    Les contributions en espèces des clubs Rotary et des districts recevront une contrepartie de 100 % du gouvernement canadien.
3.    La Fondation Rotary apportera une contrepartie aux fonds du gouvernement canadien au même taux que pour les « contributions en espèces ». La Fondation Rotary opère en dollars US.
4.    Les fonds seront intégrés dans le modèle de financement des subventions mondiales.
5.    Cinq des six axes stratégiques du Rotary sont concernés par le partenariat (l’exception est Paix et prévention/résolution des conflits).
6.    La santé de la mère et de l’enfant est l’axe stratégique privilégié par le gouvernement du Canada. 
7.    Cet accord contient trois activités inéligibles : bourses d’études, constructions de toute sorte et achat de véhicules ou d’équipements médicaux majeurs.
8.    Toutes les actions financées doivent prendre en compte l’égalité des sexes, la pérennité environnementale et la bonne gouvernance. 
9.    Le gouvernement du Canada a identifié des pays prioritaires pour le programme d’aide au développement canadien. Même si les actions se déroulant dans ces pays ne recevront pas de traitement de faveur, il est attendu que la plupart des actions financées par une subvention mondiale s’y déroulent.  
10.     La Fondation Rotary Canada, et non les clubs Rotary, est responsable du transfert des fonds à la Fondation Rotary conformément aux contributions approuvées par le gouvernement du Canada. 
11.     La Fondation Rotary Canada  initiera un appel aux candidatures annuel qui restera en effet jusqu’à épuisement des fonds disponibles.
12.    Tous les critères des subventions mondiales (administration, remise de rapports et gestion des fonds) s’appliquent à ce partenariat.
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Fact sheet, GoC & TRFC Partnership

Posted on Sep 22, 2015
A Government of Canada and Rotary Foundation Canada Partnership
*Complete details are available in the following document: Partnership for a Community Development
1.    The Government of Canada will make available $ 1.2 million CAD annually for 5 years, to support for matching funds for qualifying projects when Canadian Clubs and Districts apply for TRF Global Grants.
2.    Rotary Club cash contributions and District Designated Funds will be matched 1:1 by the Government of Canada funds.  

3.    TRF will match the funds coming GOC at the same rate  as “cash contributions”.  TRF operates in $USD.

4.    The funds will be fully integrated into the Global Grant funding model.

5.    Five of the 6 area of focus of TRF will be covered, the exception being Peace and Conflict resolution.

6.    Child and maternal health is the preferred area of focus of the GOC. The GOC Child & Maternal Health encompasses five of our six areas of focus as mentioned above

7.    The agreement has three major eligibility restrictions: scholarships; construction activities of any kind; purchase of vehicles and major medical equipment purchases.

8.    All funded projects must take into account: Gender Equity; Environmental Sustainability; and, Good Governance

9.    The Government of Canada has identified countries that are a priority for Canadian development programming. While projects targeted at those countries will not receive preferential treatment, there will be an expectation that most Global Grant projects do occur in these countries.  

10.    TRF Canada rather than the Rotary Club(s) will be responsible for forwarding the appropriate amount to TRF with respect to the GOC funding contribution.

11.    TRFC will initiate an annual call for projects that will be in effect until such time as the funds are expended

12.    All of the Global Grant requirements with respect to administration, reporting and stewardship are applicable to this program.
Version française, cliquez sur "Read More ...»

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Posted by Reid Asselstine on Aug 04, 2015
Please note that October 1, 2015 is the anticipated launch date for the new humanitarian project partnership with the Government of Canada. 
Detailed information with respect to this new program and it's integration with our Global Grant system will be available in late September.
TRFC - DFATD Update Reid Asselstine 2015-08-05 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Reid Asselstine on Aug 02, 2015
August 4, 2015
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
As you may be aware, the Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development (CRCID) is completing its final projects after almost 30 years of serving Canadian Rotary clubs and districts. CRCID has been very successful but in consultation with the Government of Canada it was felt that a new model reflecting the current status of international humanitarian aid was needed. I wish to congratulate CRCID on its excellent service to ensuring Canadian Rotarians had the support they needed.
You may have seen the News Release by Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) on the 1 August that outlined two new plans – one for the matching of funds donated by Canadian Rotarians to the Polio Eradication Initiative. The other was a new funding model from the Canadian Government to Rotarian international projects.
The Rotary Foundation (Canada) has entered into a new agreement with  DFATD. The senior staff at DFATD have reviewed the Global Grant model of TRF and are impressed by the needs assessments, evaluations, reporting mechanisms, stewardship and sustainability of our structure. The new agreement will use the Global Grant (GG) structure as its basis and allow clubs and districts access to Canadian Government funds for their projects. These funds will qualify for a World Fund match from TRF.
The agreement is for 5 years and the Canadian Government is contributing CDN $1.2 million/year to Canadian Rotary projects.
Bryn Styles
Rotary Foundation Trustee 2015 - 2017
Rotary International Director 2012 - 2014
TRFC & GOC PARTNERSHIP Reid Asselstine 2015-08-03 00:00:00Z 0

Government of Canada Announcement

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Aug 02, 2015

Government of Canada Partners with Rotary Foundation Canada to Eradicate Polio Worldwide and Reduce Poverty in Developing Countries

August 1, 2015 – Ottawa, Ontario – Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada
The Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, announced the renewal of the partnership between Government of Canada and Rotary Foundation Canada by providing a total of up to $18 million to help save the lives of vulnerable children and reduce poverty in the world’s poorest countries.
During the next four years, the Government of Canada will contribute two dollars for every dollar raised by Rotary Foundation Canada in support of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s Endgame Strategy, to a maximum contribution of $12 million. The funds will be provided to UNICEF to support the goal of eradicating polio worldwide by 2018.
The renewal of the partnership reinforces Canada’s ongoing leadership on polio. It builds on the Pennies & More for Polio initiative, through which Rotary Foundation Canada raised $2.2 million between 2012 and 2013, which was matched by the Government of Canada.
The Government of Canada will also contribute up to $6 million to support Rotary Foundation Canada’s efforts to help advance maternal, newborn and child health, secure the future of children and youth, and increase sustainable economic growth in under-served communities in developing countries.
Today, the world stands on the verge of being able to end the preventable deaths of women and children within a generation. Canada remains steadfast in its commitment to work with Canadian and international partners to achieve this goal.

Quick Facts

  • Canada’s support for these initiatives reflects Canada’s commitment to three of its top international development priorities: securing the future of children and youth, stimulating sustainable economic growth and improving maternal, newborn and child health—Canada’s top international development priority.
  • Polio is one of the world’s most enduring infectious diseases and mainly affects children under the age of five. Addressing polio through immunization is one of the most cost-effective health interventions to end preventable child mortality.
  • Since 1988, the global incidence of polio has decreased by over 99 percent, largely through the efforts of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), to which Canada was a founding donor.
  • Since 1988, at least 2.5 billion children around the world have been immunized. Today, more than 10 million people who would otherwise have been paralyzed by the polio virus are walking thanks to global polio eradication efforts.
  • In October 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was honoured to receive the Rotary Foundation Polio Eradication Champion Award for his longstanding support for, and continued leadership in, efforts to eliminate polio around the world.
  • Canada is a global leader in immunization to improve the health and survival of women and children.
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Dr Bob Scott Disease Prevention Award Richard Clarke 2015-03-06 00:00:00Z 0

Monty J. Audenart Endowed Fund

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Feb 18, 2015

Special friends of Trustee and Past R.I. Vice-President Monty J. Audenart are invited to contribute to his endowed fund within Rotary’s Endowment Fund in memory of his many years of leadership and dedication to Rotary.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund will be invested and reinvested to be used for many years to come to support the Foundation’s programs.

All contributions are welcome. And with an initial contribution of US$1,000 or more, to the Endowment Fund (in memory of Trustee and PRIVP Audenart) you are eligible to receive Benefactor recognition of The Rotary Foundation. Each Benefactor receives a distinctive certificate, as well as an insignia which can be worn in conjunction with a Paul Harris Fellow or other appropriate pin.

The spendable earnings from your gift shall flow through the SHARE system. The appropriate split will be made between funds sent to the World Fund and funds directed as District Designated Funds (DDF) to District 5360.

Make a contribution to the Monty J. Audenart Endowed Fund today.


ImageJoin us in honoring Trustee and PRIVP Audenart for his many years of Rotary service and leadership.

For more information on making a donation, please click here

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Celebration of our Canadian Flag

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Feb 15, 2015

ImageNational Flag of Canada Day

February 15, 2014

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of our national flag, our Government is giving this proud Canadian symbol to 50 Canadians and organizations who have contributed significantly to the well-being of our citizens. One of those flags is being given to:

The Rotary Clubs of Canada, in recognition of Canadian Rotarians’ dedication to “service above self” and their efforts to save mothers and children, provide clean water, support education and fight disease.

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TRFC e-receipting starts in January 2015

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Jan 05, 2015

Dear Club Presidents,

I am writing to inform you of a significant improvement that The Rotary Foundation (Canada) is making

to our tax receipt process. Beginning with contributions to the Rotary Foundation (Canada) received

from January 1, 2015, we will wherever possible issue tax receipts electronically. This new process will

apply whether a donation is made on-line or mailed to us. This will speed up the receipt process and

substantially reduce operational costs, especially in light of escalating postal rates.

TRFC e-receipting starts in January 2015 Reid Asselstine 2015-01-06 00:00:00Z 0

Running for Polio Eradication

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Dec 09, 2013

ImageBy Tanya F. Wolff, past governor of District 6330 in Ontario, Canada and a board member of the Rotary Foundation (Canada)

I am not a runner. I can jog. I can walk and I can hike. I do these things for those in the world who cannot.

The PolioPlus program was already in effect when I joined Rotary in 1992. Seeing as I have travelitis (the need to travel constantly), the idea of traveling to another part of the world was a Rotary opportunity that I could not pass up.

As a child, I didn’t know anyone affected by polio. It just didn’t exist in my world. But my world has become bigger since I joined Rotary. In the remotest parts of India, Mali, Niger, Egypt, Benin and Nepal, I met thousands who have been touched by this disease.

In 2010, I decided to run my first marathon for PolioPlus, and I couldn’t think of a better place than in Chicago, the birthplace of Rotary. The following year, I joined the Rotary Club of New York’s marathon team for the NYC marathon. Earlier this year I tackled Disney’s marathon-and-a-half, called the “Goofy.” Which it was!

I proudly crossed the finish line all three times wearing the End Polio Now logo.

Marathons are like having children. The first time, you say “never again.” But a few weeks or months later you might say “that wasn’t so bad, maybe one more.” I’ve had three children and “run” three marathons.

I don’t plan to have more children myself, but I will keep chasing that finish line until we have fulfilled our promise to the children of the world.

Tanya will be running in the Miami Marathon on 2 February, 2014. You can support Tanya’s run for polio, or if you are a Rotary member contribute directly to End Polio Now and let Tanya know at tanya@rotary6330.org. Your contributions will be matched double by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, increasing the impact of your giving to eradicate this disease.

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Globe & Mail Article on Polio

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Sep 14, 2013

About a quarter-century ago, Rotary International, a service club that now has 1.3 million members worldwide, decided that  instead of only hosting lunches or building tennis courts, it wanted to take on a more serious, global challenge.

To read the article, click here.

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Rotary Foundation (Canada) moves its office

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Sep 02, 2013

The Rotary Foundation (Canada) has moved its office from London, Ontario to Sarnia.

Effective immediately, the address and phone number are:


The Rotary Foundation (Canada)
1A -137 Kendall Street
Point Edward, ON
N7V 4G6



This address is only for correspondence. All donations and cheques must be sent to the Toronto Lock box at:

c/o 911600
PO Box 4090 STN A,
Toronto, ON M5W 0E9

Also the  Rotary Foundation has a new website.  Thus a number of links in this web site are not working.

We are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please try to access the information that you need directly from www.rotary.org.

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Prime Minister's letter

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Sep 02, 2013

Recently The Rotary Foundation (Canada) received a letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper on polio eradication.

Click here to see the letter.

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Canada Remains Global Leader in Polio Eradication

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Apr 24, 2013

ImageImageHarper Government increases support to global immunization and child health

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-- (April 25, 2013) - Canada will continue to be a world leader in the global push to eradicate polio and to save lives through immunization, announced the Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, during the Global Vaccine Summit, held in Abu Dhabi. Canada will increase its support for polio immunization by providing additional support to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to address both immediate and longer-term needs to reach polio eradication by 2018.

Canada Remains Global Leader in Polio Eradication Reid Asselstine 2013-04-25 00:00:00Z 0

Polio Eradication Update

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Apr 14, 2013

At this unique moment, an international group of scientists has come together to stress the achievability of polio eradication and endorse the Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan, a new strategy by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to reach and sustain eradication by 2018.

For more information click here.Image

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Millions of Pennies

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Mar 16, 2013

ImageOur Pennies and More for Polio challenge match has been incredibly successful. We have gone way over the top, raising and contributing $2.27 million!

Late last summer Rotarians in Canada accepted a challenge from the Government of Canada to raise One Million Dollars for Polio+ and CIDA would match it penny for penny, dollar for dollar. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also came on board and agreed to match Rotarians’ efforts to the same $ One Million.

The $ One Million had been agreed to as a stretch target for Rotarians and was within CIDA’s budget parameter’s. The Government of Canada gave us until March 1, 2013 to raise the funds, but given some unanticipated delays in getting to launch date, agreed that we could include contributions to Polio+ from June 1, 2012.

The name of the campaign came about from discussions surrounding the planned demise of the penny, but knowing that we would need to gather up more than pennies to reach the $ One Million mark. Well, that is what Rotarians and the Rotary family of Rotary Club’s Rotaractors and Interactors from coast to coast to coast did. Districts dug into their DDF, Clubs dug into their treasuries and held a variety of community events to raise awareness and funds to End Polio Now.

They went to work right away. By around the end of the calendar year and beginning of this year, we reached the $ One Million target. However, as every Rotarian knows every penny counts in our efforts to banish polio from the planet and by mid-February we had reached $1.5 million.

The Honorable Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation was so impressed with our efforts that he announced at the Vancouver Peace Conference on Feb 23rd, that both the Government of Canada and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would match whatever amount we had raised by the March 1st deadline. IPPC Chair, Bob Scott then challenged Canadian Rotarians to see if we could double the original target and get to $2 million. The response in the final week was incredible!

On March 1st, the Rotary Club of Toronto, as part of its centennial program presented a cheque for $100,000, to RI President Sakuji Tanaka, putting the contributions over the $2 million mark. When everything in process was tallied up, in total, more than $600,000 rolled in that last week. Absolutely fantastic!

Once again Canadian Rotarians have demonstrated our commitment to End Polio. We did that with the generous support of friends, families, our communities and other Rotarians like our friends in Zone 32. With the matching, our $2.27 Million results in a total of $6.8 million being contributed to the global initiative to rid the world of polio.  Our successful Pennies and More for Polio challenge was the result of much hard work, dedication and determination of so many Rotarians, with the wonderful support of our staff and those at CIDA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

 A heartfelt thanks to everyone! We are Making a Difference and we will honour our commitment to the children of the world and end the scourge of polio. There is more yet to do, but clearly Rotarians are up to the challenge!


Millions of Pennies Reid Asselstine 2013-03-17 00:00:00Z 0

New Rotary Foundation Trustee

Posted by Reid Asselstine on Nov 17, 2012

Monty Audenart, PRIVP and a member of the Rotary Club of Red Deer East, Red Deer, Alberta has been elected  a trustee of the Rotary Foundation. He will serve from July 1, 2013 until June 30, 2017.

The Rotary Foundation (Canada) is very happy that its' vice president will join the other trustees from around the Rotary world. The other new trustees elected were PRIP Kalyan Banerjee and PRIVP Noel Bajat.

Congratulations, as you continue to serve the good works that Rotary does to make the world a better place to work and live.

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Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Reid Asselstine
We are all excited to see how ClubRunner will revolutionize the way we manage our day to day activities, as well as communicate more effectively.
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Security and Integrity of Your Data

Posted by Reid Asselstine
ClubRunner secures all your private information using the latest security technologies. Hosted in a world class data centre with redundant power, Internet backbones and 24/7 security and monitoring, you can rest assured that your club data is safe and protected. Your members' contact information is secured behind unique logins and passwords. Access to information is also restricted, for example, a member can only view the list of members, but can modify his or her own personal information.

Data on the server is protected by TCP/IP filtering, firewall and anti-virus software that protect against any unauthorized intrusion. Backups of data are made daily and stored off-site.
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