Board of Directors of The Rotary Foundation (Canada)

The responsibilities of the directors of The Rotary Foundation (Canada) are to manage the affairs of The Rotary Foundation (Canada), including oversight of funds invested in Canada, provide tax receipts to donors in compliance with Canadian law and to furnish donor recognition on behalf of the trustees of The Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary Foundation - Code of Policies (extract)

3.010. Preamble to the Guidelines for Associate Foundations

The Rotary Foundation believes that there should be one Rotary Foundation that serves Rotarians and clubs throughout the world but understands that substantial benefits have been provided by those associate foundations recognized by the Trustees of TRF. This includes not only raising funds for the use of TRF programs but also the provision of services in support of The Rotary Foundation’s global programs. The Trustees acknowledge that it is to the clear advantage of Rotary International that it have only one Foundation to develop and maintain the best global programs and international investments, but that associate foundations significantly enhance the service by TRF to Rotarians and Rotary clubs. (June 2008 Trustees Mtg., Dec. 178)

3.030.1. The Rotary Foundation (Canada)

The Trustees have approved the formation of a not-for-profit foundation in Canada to be known as The Rotary Foundation (Canada) which is authorized to receive Foundation funds and disburse the same only on foundation-authorized programs in accordance with the agency agreement dated 31 March 1999. (June 2001 Trustees Mtg., Dec. 207)

Directors of The Rotary Foundation (Canada)

Executive Committee

  • President - Eva Vida
  • Vice-President - Valarie Wafer
  • Treasurer - Pat Killoran
  • Secretary - Robert O’Brien
  • Member - PRID Bryn Styles
  • Member - Maureen Fritz-Roberts

TRF Trustee Liaison

  • Marty Peak Helman

Finance Committee

  • Chair – Pat Killoran
  • Tim Schilds
  • Eva Vida
  • PRIVP Valarie Wafer

Governance Committee

  • Chair – Bryn Styles
  • Robert O'Brien
  • Carol Tichelman

Projects Committee

  • Chair – Maureen Fritz-Roberts
  • Bob Wallace
  • Eva Vida

Communications Committee

  • Chair – Chris Offer
  • Phoenix MacLaren
  • Dino Marzaro

Investment Committee

  • Chair - PRIVP Valarie Wafer
  • Tim Shields
  • Eva Vida


  • Richard Clarke*
  • Betty Screpnek*
  • Dean Rohrs
  • TRFC Office Administrator*

*non-voting members



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