The Rotary Foundation Approves Artaud Ferrier Global Grant Over $490,000.00

The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation approved a Global Grant of US $490,355.00 to begin a piped water system in the Commune of Ferrier, Haiti. This is the fourth Global Grant so far in the bold, national HANWASH program.
The project is undertaken in partnership with the Rotary Club of Cap Haitien, District 7020 and District 5060 British Columbia/Washington.
This grant will improve residents’ daily access to safe water and better hygiene and sanitation by digging a well, installing a water storage tank, installing solar power and delivering piped water to over eighty homes in the village of Artaud, Haiti. It will incorporate new equipment and technology and provide skills training and other resources for local water system personnel. The infrastructure will be sufficient to eventually extend clean piped water to homes in the villages of Meillac, Philibert, Mapou, and Bossus. Once complete, his project will be self- sustainable via metered water that will cost much less than the residents are currently paying to fill jugs from travelling water trucks.
HANWASH hopes to use lessons learned here to replicate and scale across the country. Training in both water-system operations and personal/household hygiene will improve the lives and health of all the residents. See