Supporting Water & Sanitation/Hygiene

Water is essential to life. Each of Rotary's seven Areas of Focus relate to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.
Water is essential to life. Each of Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus relate to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
  • Supporting the environment leads to more water and cleaner water.
  • Economic and community development is sustained with clean water, effective sanitation and good hygiene. Unregulated practices by industry lead to contaminated and depleted water tables and sick workers, families and communities.
  • Maternal and child health requires water, sanitation and hygiene. Imagine giving birth at a medical center with no water, no sanitation and no hygiene.
  • Basic education and literacy for all won’t happen in the absence of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Female students will not continue their studies where inadequate sanitation and hygiene is provided.
  • Disease prevention and treatment depends on a clean environment. Dialysis requires perfectly pure water. Kidney disease is much more prevalent where drinking water is contaminated.
  • Feeding the world requires an abundant supply of clean water.
  • Water and Sanitation/Hygiene projects enable life.
  • For peace to take hold, there must be clean water, effective sanitation and good hygiene.
My interest in WASH started in 1968 in Liberia where several wells and latrines were constructed over a summer in a rural community. My Rotary life includes WASH and related projects in Kenya, Uganda, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ghana, Malawi, El Salvador and Canada. Nancy and I support WASH. We established an Endowed Fund for Water and Sanitation.
I invite you to do the same.
PDG Bill Gray
RC Cataraqui-Kingston
District 7040
The Rotary Foundation named endowments are established with a gift of US $25,000 or more. Rotarians or friends of Rotary may create a permanent legacy in their own name or in honor of a friend or family member. Rotary pools these gifts for investment purposes but maintains a separate accounting for each named endowed fund. Donors receive a personalized endowed fund certificate suitable for framing when their fund is established, as well as annual financial updates.
 Ask the MGO (Major Gifts Officer) or EMGA (Endowment Major Gifts Advisor) in your region how you can support WASH projects through Rotary today and beyond your lifetime.