Posted by Susan Hicks on Jul 28, 2018
It is now the fourth year of the five-year partnership between Global Affairs Canada and the Rotary Foundation (Canada). The Government of Canada is providing Canadian Rotary Clubs and Districts with $1.2 million dollars per year to be added to the Global Grants program of the Rotary Foundation.
Each year since the program's inception, the number of grants that have been applied for and approved, has increased significantly. These additional funds can greatly enhance any project that the various clubs and districts have planned. The process has been simplified with the use of a single form application and generally takes only 24-48 hours to receive an approval. In the case where a project involves environmental issues, the process may take longer as our environmental consultants may have some questions.
Recently a new Webninar has been created to assist Rotarians when applying for a GOC matching grant. This can be found under the "GOC Program" tab as well as on the TRFC Home Page on the left.
If you require further information regarding the GOC Matching Grants, please send inquiries to