A Government of Canada and Rotary Foundation Canada Partnership
*Complete details are available in the following document: Partnership for a Community Development
1.    The Government of Canada will make available $ 1.2 million CAD annually for 5 years, to support for matching funds for qualifying projects when Canadian Clubs and Districts apply for TRF Global Grants.
2.    Rotary Club cash contributions and District Designated Funds will be matched 1:1 by the Government of Canada funds.  

3.    TRF will match the funds coming GOC at the same rate  as “cash contributions”.  TRF operates in $USD.

4.    The funds will be fully integrated into the Global Grant funding model.

5.    Five of the 6 area of focus of TRF will be covered, the exception being Peace and Conflict resolution.

6.    Child and maternal health is the preferred area of focus of the GOC. The GOC Child & Maternal Health encompasses five of our six areas of focus as mentioned above

7.    The agreement has three major eligibility restrictions: scholarships; construction activities of any kind; purchase of vehicles and major medical equipment purchases.

8.    All funded projects must take into account: Gender Equity; Environmental Sustainability; and, Good Governance

9.    The Government of Canada has identified countries that are a priority for Canadian development programming. While projects targeted at those countries will not receive preferential treatment, there will be an expectation that most Global Grant projects do occur in these countries.  

10.    TRF Canada rather than the Rotary Club(s) will be responsible for forwarding the appropriate amount to TRF with respect to the GOC funding contribution.

11.    TRFC will initiate an annual call for projects that will be in effect until such time as the funds are expended

12.    All of the Global Grant requirements with respect to administration, reporting and stewardship are applicable to this program.
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